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Alex Belcourt

Taking Refuge

“Our main source for meditation practice is from the Buddhist teachings. The Buddha taught not a religion or a philosophy but rather how to meditate. As a foundation for settling the mind, it is considered important that we acknowledge that we can find sanctuary, a safe harbour within. In Buddhist tradition this sanctuary or refuge is divided into the three jewels: our enlightened mind, which is identical to the awakened mind of our teachers; the teachings; and those others who travel along the path of awakening with us. These supports are referred to as Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.” ~ Lama Jetsun Yeshe


Om Namo Amitabhaya Buddha Ya, Dharma Ya, Sangha Ya


Praise to the Buddha of Compassion, Praise to the Dharma (the way, the path of truth), and Praise to community

Please join us for an Insight Yoga practice at 80 Gladstone this coming Sat, 14 June where we will explore what “taking refuge” means through yoga, meditation and discussion. All are welcome. 


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