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Alex Belcourt

Yin Yoga Intensive

I’ll be offering a Yin intensive next year. I’m planning on offering it in both Cheltenham and Worcester. It is unlikely that this is something I will offer again in the near future so if you are interested in deepening your Yin practice, or learning about it with a view to teaching it, come and be immersed.

This will be a Yoga Alliance accredited course with credits (40 hours) that can be used towards continuing education advancement within Yoga Alliance but non-teachers looking to learn for their own benefit are very welcome.

When I first started practicing Yin I didn’t have a teacher and I used Sarah Powers’ book Insight Yoga and I practiced daily for over a year – driven by something that felt like instinct – before I had a chance to study directly with her. My own self-practice and discovery stood me in good stead for the training as I had my own experiences to draw upon – learning directly from the raw practice itself – as I then moved deeper into the theoretical, energetic and emotional layers.

This is not a training that you tick like a box.

Yin. Check.

This is a practice for life and it will probably fluctuate over time, with the seasons and your needs. It is imperative that if you have a view to sharing this with others, you maintain a strong understanding and practice of your own so that you can safely and authentically be a guide. I cannot stress enough how potent this practice is and has been for me. If you have ever worn braces on your teeth you will know how bones move under continued and sustained pressure. In Yin, transformation can be slow and steady or it can come like an avalanche, unexpected and bewildering. Sometimes pleasant, not always. How it will impact you is your journey. How it will impact people coming to your classes is theirs. 

I have in-depth training from Sarah Powers and Paul Grilley – both well-known, dedicated practitioners of this style of yoga – who have been practicing Yin since the mid-1980s. I have been practicing Yin for almost ten years so the distillation of our insights into this training will hopefully give you some significant guideposts and help you find your bearings as you begin or deepen your journey.

I will arrange an information session after a Sunday night Yin class in September at Cheltenham Pilates and Yoga so please keep posted to social media (or newsletter) if you are interested in attending and finding out more about the intensive and bringing me your questions. You are also welcome to drop me a line.